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Two weeks in Europe-by Naindeep Singh Madhok

According to Naindeep Singh Madhok Europe is an incredibly beautiful continent with lots of attractions, sights to see, diverse cultures to explore and so many countries
to visit. 

Your two weeks of Europe are just sufficient to visit two or three countriesonly. Vesting means spending and enjoying three to four days at least in one country/city rather than running around to cover maximum countries in a single trip.

Naindeep Singh Madhok experience helps you, deciding what to visit, from where to start and how to travel and spend your time is thrilling. But you need to prepare your itinerary well in advance. Let’s have a look at some of the best combos for these 14 days by Naindeep Singh Madhok-

London, Paris and Amsterdam

Naindeep Singh Madhok says that, they are among the world’s greatest countries and enjoy highest popularity. They are worth seeing and well connected by road, train and plane.

Naindeep Singh Madhok also visits London and says, London has a famous British museum, Buckingham Palace, where British Queen and her family stays, Thames River and London Bridge over Thames, Tower of London, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Naindeep Singh Madhok tells, Paris is famous for its symbolic wrought iron lattice Eiffel Tower, named after its engineer. 
You can see diving views of the city at various levels. Some famous cathedrals, Louver museum of Art, impressive Roman and ancient architectures and sculptures are worth seeing. Enjoying cruise at night on Seine River is a marvelous experience in itself.

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands’ known for its artistic heritage, the legacy of the golden age of the seventeenth century. Freedom of worship is widely accepted by its inhabitants. In two hour guided walking tour.

you can visit the entire city with its iconic canals, tilted houses and scenic beauty on either side of the roads. Cycling is a common mode of transportation and there are various cycling paths.

Rome, Florence, Venice and Switzerland:

All these four cities have excellent bus, train and plane connections. According to Naindeep Singh Madhok, a famous quote says that Rome, capital of Italy was not built in a day. 

The spectacular coliseum is an oval amphitheatre built of limestone that can hold 50,000 spectators in Rome, Italy. Piazza Novena, a square built on first century is an open space stadium in Rome. 

Vatican museums, Christian art museum are located in Rome that display works done by various popes during different centuries. Official residence of the Pope, head of the Catholic Church is in the Vatican Palace of Rome.

Florence is full of amazing architecture, millennial streets, cathedrals, Renaissance art and architecture. Florence becomes young at night,  its Uffizi gallery is the oldest and most mesmerizing museums in the world of greatest art work during Leonardo DA Vinci’s and Michelangelo’s period.

Naindeep Madhok visits The floating city, Venice is situated on a group of 118 small islands connected by canals and there are no roads! Sailing on Grand Canal is linked with gorgeous palaces and cities. Romantic Gondola ride in the Grand Canal is a famous film shooting place and heaven for honeymooners.

 Switzerland is known for its magnificent exotic natural beauty; snow clad peaks, chocolates, Hollywood/ Bollywood movie shooting place. Also known for its luxurious Swiss watch, it’s a favorite destination for honeymooners.

However, it is not possible to include all cities in one blog, still there are so many other places worth visiting like Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, Budapest, Germany etc. You can go through their official sites to know more about them. So Happy Journey!

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